Cucamonga-Era Compilations

These are compilations of tracks from Zappa's "Cucamonga Era" - in the early 60s, before he was famous. Mostly recorded in a Cucamonga studio by Zappa and Paul Buff on a unique-in-the-world 5-track tape machine of Buff's own design. In a Melody Maker interview, Zappa said "We made records that we knew we couldn't sell to anybody, but we'd spend days on them. Things were so absurd". More info on the singles themselves should be found in this section of the Singles Discography FAQ.

Here are a couple of doo-wop compilations of various artists, including tracks with Zappa involvement:

Patrick David Neve Compares Two of Them

I've listened pretty closely to Cucamonga! and Cucamonga Years. While I don't want to rail on the folks at Del-Fi, as I support their label, and I'm glad they finally got to put out some of these songs, I must say it was mastered very poorly. There is heavy clipping causing distortion, especially in the right channel. I've A/B'd many of the tracks from Cucamonga Years and the difference is like night and day. (Henceforth "Cucamonga Years" refers to the Japanese import disc, and "Cucamonga!" refers to the current Del-Fi release.)

One big plus to the tracks on Cucamonga! is it sounds like they were taken from the original tapes. This is good considering some of the Cucamonga Years tracks are taken from vinyl. But they've been compressed within an inch of their lives so there's no subtlety or depth to the recordings at all, they're completely flat. While this brings out some of the details that were hiding in the background of the mix, it leaves them sounding one-dimensional and in-your-face. And the distortion is nearly unbearable ... what were the engineers thinking, that the compression would mask it? Or did they just not notice? To my horror, "Heavies" is rendered nearly unlistenable.

Out of curiosity I scanned a few tracks into Sound Forge, an audio editor that lets you see the waveforms of the song files. Just as I suspected: the Cucamonga tracks are completely maxed to its amplitude threshold with no dynamic range left whatsoever. The Cucamonga Years tracks, by comparison, looked like normal waveforms, dips and valleys and all the natural dynamic patterns that ordinary music has. The Cucamonga! waves looked like someone had taken an extra wide magic marker and just drawn a straight horizontal line with it. Methinks the studio just got a Finalizer in their rack and set it for "Maximum Spiff" (i.e., compress and normalize). A lot of recordings are being ruined these days by recording engineers deciding they want to break into the mastering business. Not like I have any room to talk there. I'm just calling it like i hear it.

I still think the pu***ase was justified, however, by the tracks that don't appear on Cucamonga Years [two tracks by Paul Buff and two by the Pauls - all seemingly without Zappa involvement - ed.]. I have to listen to them again, but I think they're pretty listenable from a mastering standpoint, and I think Paul Buff's stuff is interesting in its own right. I still really wanna see re-released versions of "Hey Nelda", "Surf Along", and especially "Boy Wonder, I Love You". Perhaps these were not all Paul Buff productions ... any Buff buffs out there?

I got it for $12, so that's $3 a track for the new stuff, which I figure is less than I would have paid for inferior-sounding singles. It's a reasonable price for what it is, and I don't in any way feel ripped off - but I'm never selling my copy of Cucamonga Years.

[Ed: We should note that we're unsure at this time if the new Rhino reissue changes things at all.]

vinyl cover #1
vinyl cover #2
CD cover

Thank you, Patrick. And now, the albums:

Rare Meat (LP/CD)

  • Vinyl 12" EP (Del-Fi Records, 1983)
  • Rhino 12" EP [?] (RNEP 604)
  • Del-Fi CD (Del-Fi Records 70010, May 9 1995)
  • Japanese something (15A-00)

Unique material: Yes, but this is also available on other, similar compilations

1. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird? (02:10)
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner (02:25)
3. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You (02:29) [Zappa/Collins]
4. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers (02:26)
5. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers (02:20)
6. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock (02:52) [Galleges]

The CD cover has a painting of Zappa in a T-shirt on a black background; there were two different vinyl covers. From Biffy the Elephant Shrew:

The original Rare Meat cover (on the Del-fi Label, distributed by Rhino) featured a Dave McMacken painting of a horrific, slavering Zappa menacing a tiny, scantily clad woman in a glass dome, all rendered as a poster on a brick wall. The liner notes of the 200 Motels CD reveal that this image originated as a dry run for the cover of the 200 Motels LP. A distorted version of the same image of Zappa appears on the TV screen on the Over-Nite Sensation cover. When the original cover appeared, Zappa, who was already pissed off at Rhino (and involved in legal action against them) because of the ZAPPALOG [?] and the Grandmothers albums, took further legal action to make them change the cover of Rare Meat [and the cover was changed again for CD release - Ed.]. Because the image was already on Over-Nite Sensation, Zappa MAY have had legitimate grounds for a copyright infringement complaint.

On my copy of the Rare Meat CD, the tracks are in the expected order, but the titles are consistently switched - i.e., on the inlay card, on the cover insert and on the disc, "Dear Jeepers" is listed as "Letters [sic] from Jeepers," and "Letter from Jeepers" is listed as "Dear Jeepers". The vinyl version on Rhino has the correct titles.

Additional informants: Mikael Agardsson

Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa (CD)

  • Pop Almanac PACD 7009 (made in France by MPO)
  • Disky Communications BV DCD 5217, 1991

Unique material: Yes, but this is also available on other, similar compilations

1. Captain Beefheart: Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones Part 1 (00:35)
2. Captain Beefheart: Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones Part 2 (02:35)
3. Captain Beefheart: Trust Us (Take 9) (07:20)
4. Captain Beefheart: Gimme That Harp Boy (03:25)
5. Captain Beefheart: Moody Liz (Take 8) (04:31)

6. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird? (02:10)
7. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner (02:25)
8. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You (02:29) [Zappa/Collins]
9. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers (02:26)
10. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers (02:20)
11. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock (02:52) [Galleges]

(At least one version is a Dutch release.) Side one is Captain Beefheart oddities licensed from Kama Sutra Music Incorporated; side two is singles tracks made way before Zappa hit it big time, licensed from Del-Fi Records. (on this CD, they are all credited to Zappa, which is wrong). Baby Ray is Ray Collins, Bob Guy was a local TV horror host who wanted to make a record, and "Cradle Rock" is unbelievable beautiful. The cover has a Beefheart picture on the left, and Zappa's Jazz from Hell picture on the right.

Cucamonga Years - The Early Works of Frank Zappa 1962-1964 (LP/CD)

  • Originally issued by Music Scene Inc
  • Re-issued on the Panfish label by Nippon Crown Company as CRCL-7501
  • Re-issued or counterfeited as ZAP 001
  • Counterfeited on vinyl by Vinyl Virus

Unique material: This was the first CD release of the Hollywood Persuaders, Mr. Clean and Rotations tracks.

1. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte [Zappa/Collins]
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird? (02:10)
3. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner (02:25)
4. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers (02:26)
5. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers (02:20)
6. The Hollywood Persuaders: Grunion Run
7. The Hollywood Persuaders: Tijuana Surf [Paul Buff]
8. Mr. Clean: Mr. Clean
9. Mr. Clean: Jessie Lee
10. The Rotations: Heavies [David Aernie/Paul Buff]
11. The Rotations: The Cruncher [David Aernie/Paul Buff]
12. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You (02:29) [Zappa/Collins]
13. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock (02:52) [Galleges]

The ZAP 001 CD is possibly/probably German, and has a different cover: The front cover is a black & white copy of the map detail from the back of the MSI CD, the back is the same as on the MSI CD but the colours are much less vivid. The disc itself also tries to imitate the MSI issue, but without the map at the bottom, and the colours and fonts are different as well.

Cucamonga! Frank's Wild Years (CD)
For Collectors Only (CD)

Unique material: Yes, but this is also available on other, similar compilations

Cucamonga! Frank's Wild Years (original issue)

1. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner
3. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird
4. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You [Zappa/Collins]
5. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock [Galleges]
6. Paul Buff: Slow Bird
7. Paul Buff: Blind Man's Buff
8. Mr. Clean: Mr. Clean
9. Mr. Clean: Jesse Lee ["Jessie Lee"]
10. The Pauls: Cathy, My Angel
11. The Pauls: 'Til September
12. The Rotations: Heavies [David Aernie/Paul Buff]
13. The Rotations: The Cruncher [David Aernie/Paul Buff]
14. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers

15. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte [Zappa/Collins] [German version only]

Tracks 6-7 & 10-11 have zero Zappa involvement.

In 2004, Rhino reissued this compilation, changing a few things around. The new tracklisting is:

1. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers
2. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte
3. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner
4. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird
5. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You
6. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock
7. Paul Buff: Slow Bird
8. Paul Buff: Blind Man's Buff
9. The Hollywood Persuaders: Grunion Run
10. The Hollywood Persuaders: Tijuana Surf
11. Mr. Clean: Mr. Clean
12. Mr. Clean: Jesse Lee
13. The Pauls: Cathy, My Angel
14. The Pauls: 'Til September
15. The Rotations: Heavies
16. The Rotations: The Cruncher
17. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers

At this time, we do not have information as to the mastering (i.e. whether it's changed). Send us in information if you know any better!

From Biffy the Elephant Shrew:

Here's the poop: the cover is a cartoon of Zappa in lurid blue & red on a green background. The art is based on the 1968 'Meet a Mother!' drag photo from Melody Maker, but without the pigtails. The back cover is a collage that Cal Schenkel oughtta sue over.

German Version

From Michael Nickel:

On 12.11.1999 the EFA-Medien GmbH released a German version of the del-fi USA CD Cucamonga. The CD-number is: Musical Tragedies, MT-483 (The One Hundred Sixty Second Zapped Tragedy).

The CD contains the same track order and track-counting-times as the Del-fi version. But this CD has a "bonus track": track 15, the Penguins' "Memories of El Monte". This track has the same track-counting-time as on the Japanese Cucamonga Years CD (Panfish CRCL-7501), 02:42, but this "new" track stops suddenly at 02:33. Than it runs out to 02:42 with no sound. I think this must be simply a master-error, delivered from Del-fi records USA. Also, i think, the mixing of this track is different from the Japanese version.

The cover ist exactly the same, with three exceptions:

  1. The words "Frank's Wild Years" on the inner sleeve have been changed to "Frank Zappa - Cucamonga";
  2. The track listing on the back sleeve has one more track; the EFA logo and the MT logo are imprinted on the back sleeve;
  3. The Del-fi logo on the CD has been changed to the EFA and MT logos.

For Collectors Only

This is the same track listing (first 14 tracks, not "Memories of El Monte") as on Cucamonga! Frank's Wild Years, but with a different cover (early 70s photograph). Some credits:

Tracks licensed from Del-Fi Records Inc.
(P) & (C) 2002 Disky Communications Europe B.V.
Marketed and distributed by Disky Communications Europe B.V.,
P.O. Box 249, 1620 AE Hoorn, The Netherlands.
Photo: ABC Press. Cover Design: Studio Van Dijken, Enschede. Printed in EU.

Informant: Tuomas Rantala

Early Works 1963-1964

  • TECX-18207, Japan 1992
  • TECW 15507, Japan September 30 1997

Unique material: in a way, but this has also been issued on other, similar compilations

From Magnus Delle:

I was in Japan a couple of years back and bought a CD called Early Works 1963-1964 (TECX-18207). On the cover it says Del-Fi Records 1992, manufactured and distributed by a Japanese company. The CD contains only six tracks:

1. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird?
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner
3. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers
4. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers
5. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You
6. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock.

Playing time just over 14 minutes. I guess this is the same tracklist as Rare Meat? [Yes, but in slightly different order - Ed.] The Cucamonga Years CD (13 tracks) includes all six tracks. Perhaps the Early Works 1963-1964 from 09/30/97 is a re-issue of the 1992 issue? [Yes, it seems so - Ed.]

How's Your Bird?

This was pressed in five versions:

  • Orange 10" vinyl (1000 copies, 1st pressing, paper inner sleeve, liner notes insert, October (?) 1998)
  • Blue 10" vinyl (1000 copies, 2nd pressing, inner sleeve and insert unknown, June (?) 1999)
  • Red 10" vinyl (1000 copies, 3rd pressing, plastic inner sleeve, liner notes insert, August (?) 1999)
  • Green 10" vinyl (1000 copies, 4th pressing, plastic inner sleeve, liner notes insert, September (?) 2000
  • Clear 10" vinyl (2003?)

These were made in Italy by Get Back Records under license from Del-Fi. The clear version was reported by Hagay Giller in Israel in 2004. From Hasi:

Each label states 1998 as the year of release, but this here are the dates where they where available through G&S Music. The catalogue number of each issue is Get Back 525.

And the track list:

1. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: World's Greatest Sinner
3. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird?
4. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You
5. The Heartbrekaers: Cradle Rock

6. Paul Buff: Slow Bird
7. Paul Buff: Blind Man's Bluff
8. The Pauls: Cathy, My Angel
9. The Pauls: 'Til September
10. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers (Cucamonga)

No Zappa involvement on tracks 6-9.

Additional informants: Patrick Neve, Barusu, Sven Hast

Art Laboe's Memories of El Monte

Original LP, 1960

Zappa material: none, but this album is the origin of the title "Memories of El Monte", a song Zappa wrote with Ray Collins a couple of years later. This was a compilation album of doo-woppy 1950s tracks.

Dance Side:

1. The Paragons: Let's Start All Over Again
2. Marvin & Johnny: Cherry Pie
3. Chuck Higgins: Pachuko Hop
4. Don & Dewey: Leavin' It All up to You
5. Ron Holder: Love You So
6. Jim Balcom: Corrido Rock

Dreamy Side:

7. The Shields: You Cheated
8. Gene & Eunice: This Is My Story
9. Sonny Knight: Dedicated To You
10. Julie Stevens: Blue Mood
11. The Jacks: Why Don't You Write Me
12. Little Julian Herrera: I Remember Linda

Tracks 3, 6 and 8 were all covered live by Zappa at one time or another (track 3 is also quoted in "Debra Kadabra", and sung about in "Jelly Roll Gum Drop"); tracks 2 and 7 and referenced and quoted in "Memories of El Monte" (track 7 also quoted in the premiere live performance of "Dickie's Such an Asshole", 26-Oct-1973), and track 1 was one of Zappa's favourite songs. Track 12 includes Ray Collins as a backing singer:

CHARLES ULRICH: I've never heard "I Remember Linda". How is it? Is Ray audible?

BIFFY THE ELEPHANT SHREW: Audible certainly, but I think you mean recognizeable. I wouldn't really know it was him without being told: he sings the kind of wordless "wooo-wee-oooh" falsetto part that I usually think of Roy singing while Ray sings lead. That falsetto definitely sounds like something off of an old MOI doo-wop, but then several tracks have bass grumblers who sound exactly like Zappa's imitations of them.

1991 CD/Cassette 

Unique material: not really, but this was the first CD re-release of (the song) "Memories of El Monte"

1. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte [Zappa/Collins]
2. The Penguins: Earth Angel
3. Rene & Rene: Lo Mucho Que te Quiero
4. Sonny Knight: Dedicated to You
5. Don Julian & the Meadowlarks: Heaven & Paradise
6. The Gallahads: Keeper of Dreams
7. The Hitmakers: Chapel of Love
8. The Pentagons: To Be Loved
9. The Jaguars: Thinking of You
10. Marvin & Johnny: Cherry Pie
11. Brenton Wood: I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
12. Chuck Higgins: Pachuko Hop
13. Handsome Jim Balcom: Corrido Rock
14. Earth, Wind & Fire: Reasons
15. The Intruders: I'll Always Love My Mama
16. Pete Wingfield: Eighteen with a Bullet
17. Billy Stewart: Sitting in the Park
18. Tower of Power: You're Still a Young Man
19. The Shields: You Cheated
20. Ron Holden: Love You So

The title track, "Memories of El Monte" by "The Penguins" (the lead singer of the Penguins backed by "a bunch of guys from the car wash"), was written by Zappa and Ray Collins.

The liner notes, provided by Charles Ulrich:

Here it is, back by popular demand! 'Memories of El Monte' is available again after 25 years, now on compact disc and cassette.

We kick it off with the classic title song, which was inspired by our dances, and written by the great Frank Zappa. We added some newer memories to the original album, including some very hard-to-get songs, that have "that El Monte feel."

If this great stadium was still here today, we would still be having our dances and good times. The wrecking ball may have torn down our arena, but we still have our "Memories of El Monte"!

Best Wishes,
Art Laboe

Charles adds:

The title track is correctly credited to Frank Zappa / Ray Collins inside the booklet. The "newer memories" are presumably tracks 14-18. Other songs on the CD with Zappa connections are:

  • "Earth Angel" - quoted in "Memories of El Monte"
  • "Cherry Pie" - quoted in "Memories of El Monte"
  • "Pachuko Hop" - performed in concert by the Mothers in 1969, and referred to in "Jelly Roll Gum Drop" & "Debra Kadabra"
  • "Corrido Rock" - performed in concert by the Mothers in 1969
  • "You Cheated" - quoted in "Memories of El Monte" and in premiere performance of "Dickie's Such an Asshole" (26-Oct-1973)

The Doo-Wop Box II (4-CD Box)

Unique material: none
"Zappa" material: The Penguins' "Memories of El Monte"

Volume 1 (1951-1955):

1. The Larks: My Reverie
2. The Clovers: Fool, Fool, Fool [Ahmet Ertegun]
3. The Mello-Moods (with the Schubert Swanston Trio): Where Are You (Now That I Need You)
4. The Vocaleers: Is It a Dream
5. The Crows: I Love You So [Viola Watkins / William Davis]
6. The Spaniels: Baby, It's You
7. The Four Tunes (with Sid Bass Orchestra): Marie
8. The Five Keys: My Saddest Hour
9. The Rivileers: A Thousand Stars
10. The Counts: Darling Dear
11. The Moonglows (with Red Holloway Orchestra): Secret Love
12. The Scarlets: Dear One

13. The Penguins: Hey Senorita
14. Shirley Gunter & "The Queens": Oop Shoop
15. The Five Keys: Ling, Ting, Tong
16. The Mellows (featuring Lillian Leach): Smoke from Your Cigarette
17. The Cardinals: The Door Is Still Open
18. The Hearts (with Al Sears Orchestra): Lonely Nights
19. Don Julian & The Meadowlarks: Heaven And Paradise
20. The Danderliers (with Dallas Taylor vocal): Chop Chop Boom
21. The Harptones (with Willie Winfield vocal): Life Is But a Dream
22. The Four Fellows (with Abie Baker Orchestra): Soldier Boy
23. The Robins: Smokey Joe's Cafe
24. The Heartbeats: Crazy for You
25. The El Dorados (with Al Smith's Orchestra): I'll Be Forever Loving You

Track 2 was written by Ahmet Ertegun, the record-company boss Zappa's son Ahmet was named after.

Volume 2 (1955-1957):

26. The Cleftones: You Baby You
27. The Teen Queens: Eddie, My Love
28. The Drifters: Ruby Baby
29. The Cadillacs: Zoom
30. The Valentines: The Woo Woo Train
31. The Magnificents: Up on the Mountain
32. Flamingos: A Kiss from Your Lips
33. The G-Clefs: Ka-Ding Dong
34. The Platters: My Prayer
35. The Bop-Chords (featuring Ernest Harriston): Castle in the Sky
36. The Solitaires: The Angels Sang [mislisted on some copies as "You're Back With Me"]
37. The Monarchs: Pretty Little Girl
38. Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers: The ABCs of Love

39. The Chips: Rubber Biscuit [02:05] [Kinrod Johnson / Nathaniel Epps / Paul Fulton / Shedrick Lincoln / Samuel Strain]
40. The Spaniels: You Gave Me Peace of Mind
41. The Cufflinks: Guided Missiles [Alfred Gaitwood]
42. Johnnie & Joe: Over the Mountain, 'Cross the Sea
43. The Velvetones: Glory of Love [02:45] [William Hill]
44. The Cellos: Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am the Japanese Sandman) [02:50] [Alvin Williams]
45. The Love Notes: United
46. The Five Satins: To the Aisle
47. The Bobbettes (with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra): Mr. Lee
48. The Velours (with Sammy Lowe Orchestra): Can I Come Over Tonight [02:18] [Donald Haywoode / Jerry Winston]
49. The Paragons: Let's Start All Over Again [2:38] [Paragons / Ethel Byrd / Paul Winley]
50. Little Joe & The Thrillers (with orchestra under the direction of Leroy Kirkland): Peanuts
51. The Channels: That's My Desire

Track 39 was one of Zappa's favourites, quoted in "Tinsel-Town Rebellion" on Does Humor Belong in Music? ("Woody woody pecker pecker"); Zappa played it and track 41 when he was guest-DJing on KPPC radio, 27-Nov-1968. Track 43 is quoted in Zappa's "Later That Night" ("I hold in my hand three letters from the stages of your fine, fine, super-fine career") and "Carol, You Fool" ("foolish fool"), and, of course, Zappa mentions the Velvetones in "The Black-Outs": "The Velvetones think they're Lawrence Welk". Track 44 is mentioned in "A Little Green Rosetta" on Joe's Garage. Tracks 48-49 were two of Zappa's favourite songs.

Volume 3 (1957-1960):

52. The Dubs: Could This Be Magic
53. The Collegians: Zoom Zoom Zoom
54. Robert & Johnny: We Belong Together
55. The Fidelities: The Things I Love
56. The Kodoks: Oh Gee, Oh Gosh
57. The Imperials: Two People in the World
58. The Spaniels: Stormy Weather
59. The Falcons: You're So Fine [02:20] [Lance Finney / Willie Schofield; musical direction: Sax Kari]
60. The Shirelles: Dedicated to the One I Love
61. The Skyliners: This I Swear
62. The Sheppards: Island of Love
63. The Clovers: Love Potion No. 9

64. The Miracles [featuring] Bill Smokey Robinson: Bad Girl
65. Royal Teens: Believe Me
66. The Impacts: Canadian Sunset
67. The Eternals: Babalu's Wedding Day
68. The Admirations: The Bells of Rosa Rita
69. The Knockouts: Darling Lorraine
70. Dion & the Belmonts: Where or When
71. The Desires: Let It Please Be You
72. The Passions: I Only Want You
73. The Temptations: Barbara
74. The Crests: Step By Step
75. The Desires: Rendezvous With You
76. The Paradons: Diamonds And Pearls

Track 59 was covered by the Mothers once in El Paso, with Jimmy Carl Black as guest vocalist, on 23-May-1975.

Volume 4 (1960-1963):

77. The Chimes: Once in Awhile
78. Starlites: Valarie [02:35] [Clarence Lewis / Bobby Robinson]
79. The Pentagons: To Be Loved (Forever)
80. The Timetones: In My Heart
81. Little Caesar & The Romans: Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You)
82. The Cleftones: Heart And Soul
83. The Blue Jays: Lover's Island
84. Curtis Lee: Pretty Little Angel Eyes
85. The Dreamlovers: When We Get Married
86. The Regents: Runaround
87. The Chantels: Look in My Eyes
88. The Stereos: I Really Love You
89. The Marcels: Heartaches

90. Gene Chandler: Duke of Earl [02:22] [Bernice Williams / Earl Edwards Sr / Eugene Dixon; a Bill Sheppard production)
91. The Devotions: Rip van Winkle
92. Don & Juan: What's Your Name
93. The Falcons & Band (Ohio Untouchables): I Found a Love
94. The Volumes: I Love You
95. The Duprees: You Belong to Me
96. Jive Five: What Time Is It?
97. The Delcos: Arabia
98. Anthony & The Sophomores: Play Those Oldies, Mr Dee Jay
99. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte [Zappa/Collins]
100. The Camelots: Don't Leave Me, Baby
101. The Classics: Till Then

Zappa covered track 78 on Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Track 90 is parodied in "Duke of Prunes" on Absolutely Free, and the Mothers also covered it live, in New York, with Joni Mitchell on guest vocals, on 13-Nov-1970 (late show).

(Rhino's first Doo-Wop Box volume contains many more of Zappa's favourites, but no Zappa compositions.)

Informant: Charles Ulrich

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