The Lost Episodes

Four songs on this album are also on Mystery Disc, two of them in slightly different versions.


  • Advance CD (Ryko RCD 40573 ADV, white cover, black lettering, no book, lists upcoming release date (February 27))
  • CD (Ryko RCD 40573, February 27 1996; VACK 5153 in Japan (not renumbered in 1999, when most of the rest of the line were); JPCD 9609290 DORA in Russia; also in a BMG Record Club version)
  • Cassette (RAC 40573, (February 27?) 1996; also in a BMG Record Club version (1072495))

Some sources list a Zappa Records CD (CDZAP 52) as having been released in February 1996. Did it really happen? Likewise, a 1992 catalogue lists a TZAPPA52 cassette to be released that year, but a 1993 catalogue does not list it as having been released.

Relation to MYSTERY DISC

Four songs on The Lost Episodes also appear on Mystery Disc. According to the Mystery Disc CD booklet, they are:

  • "Theme from RUN HOME SLOW": The Mystery Disc version is a mono mix while on The Lost Episodes it is in glorious stereo. The Mystery Disc version also includes an FZ guitar solo missing from The Lost Episodes version.
  • "Charva": The Mystery Disc version is a strange, almost binaural mix/mastering while The Lost Episodes version is true mono.
  • "Wedding Dress Song"
  • "The Handsome Cabin Boy"


The Lost Episodes has relations to Lumpy Gravy and We're Only in It for the Money, in addition to Mystery Disc. Listen to "Ronnie Sings?", and then listen to the sound that begins "Lumpy Gravy, Part Two". After that, check out the sound immediately before "The Idiot Bastard Son". Portions of "The Big Squeeze" are heard in "Lumpy Gravy, Part One", as well. The is such a good example of Frank's Conceptual Continuity.

Russian CD

From István Fekete:

About Russian CDs, I had two of them in my hands one or two years ago, but didn't buy them since they were in a very bad shape, scratched all over. One of them was the We're Only In It for the Money/Lumpy Gravy twofer, with the purple Zappa face on the disc from the old Ryko edition. The booklet was just a single folded sheet with two random pages from the booklet inside. The other one was The Lost Episodes, with the label name changed to RICODISK.

This edition was not in a digipak, but in a normal jewel case, with a 2-page fold-out cover insert and no real booklet.


  • Any details on the Russian CD?

Additional Informants

  • Mikael Agardsson
  • Victor Dubiler
  • Robin Reese
  • Patrick Neve
  • Romnew

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