Welcome toWisconsin...

The Land of Death!

"I pledge allegiance,
to Queen Frag,
in her mighty state of hysteria..."


Clan Wiscfrag operates out of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Admittedly, we get super low pings because we are sitting less than 200 feet from a T3 server, (heehee), BUT we feel since we are paying out of the ass to go to college, we might as well get something in return.

I am one of the founders of Clan WiscFrag, and this webmaster. My Quakeworld name is Kaiser Soze, and together with the other co-founders, we kick ass. My real name is Zachery Moneypenny.


I don't have pics of the others yet so I will refer to them by their....things:

Luke Pacholski, aka LukPac, always has the damn rocket launcher, which is bad for you, good for us.

Luke is tall and lanky, but he can whup ass in Quake.

Luke can regularly be seen on the Mad-City Quake server (IP or running games from his own.



Another member is Zach Henkel, aka, SoltnGris, or some shit like that. I can find no drawing or picture that will do Zach justice (or have him not kick my ass) so this is what you'll get and LIKE IT!

Zach has a way of sneaking up on limping survivors of a shoot-out and blasting them to hell. Once again, if it was me, I'd kill him...but he's on my team :)

Anyway, Zach sometimes plays on Mad-City too. And he makes a mean QuakePic.

And finally here is the other member of the clan, though not by choice... TAADAA:

Erin Woinowski, Queen of Quake!!!

That twinkle in her eye is the one she gets right before she hits me...hard.

Come by soon to see our clan PCX, and if you like it, JOIN THE CLAN!


Let's say, hypothetically, that you want to join our clan. All you have to do is email me with your:

Name/Age/City/State/PC or Mac/Do you have Quakeworld

And I'll get back to you as soon as my hard ass classes let me.


This page made by me, me and me, 1997. It will most likely be updated...sometime.